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The First Digital Quantum Computing Platform
The First Digital Quantum Computing Platform

Matt Hutchings,
CPO & Cofounder,
QTEC Cohort 2 - 2017-2018


SEEQC is developing the first digital quantum computing platform for global businesses. The company combines classical and quantum technologies to deliver the efficiency, stability and price point required by quantum computing systems. SEEQC’s quantum system provides the energy- and cost-efficiency, speed and digital control required to make quantum computing useful and bring the first commercially-scalable, problem-specific quantum computing applications to market.

​The company is one of the first to have built a multi-layer commercial chip foundry and through this experience has the infrastructure in place for design, testing and manufacturing of quantum-ready superconductors.

Why I invested in


“We’re excited to be working with a world leading team and fab on one of the most pressing issues in modern quantum computing…SEEQC has a clear, and importantly cost-efficient, pathway towards addressing existing challenges and disrupting analogue, microwave-controlled architectures.”

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"QTEC gave me the time, confidence and money to re-discover the entrepreneur in me that had been battered out by the academic process."

The Founder's Journey

Matt completed his PhD in semi-conductor lasers at the University of Cardiff and then moved to become a Postdoctoral Research Associate at Britten Plourde’s Research Lab at Syracuse University, New York. Whilst at Syracuse, he worked on the research and development of quantum information technologies based on superconducting Qubits in collaboration with IBM’s Quantum Computing. Looking to move into industry and back to the UK, Matt found information about the QTEC programme on the Innovate UK website and decided to apply. He was accepted, and started at QTEC in October 2018.

Matt had seen early signs that quantum computing was getting commercialised and began developing his start-up company at QTEC. “I was challenged by the tutors to rapidly develop a business plan. The feedback was fast and detailed which meant my ideas for the company matured quickly,” said Matt. Within 3 months, Matt had a draft business plan. Programme director, Jane Garrett encouraged Matt to test his ideas and get feedback from outside sources. Matt identified an important conference in California but wasn’t sure if he was ready. “Jane kept asking me whether I had booked my flight yet but the academic process had battered the entrepreneur out of me.” Matt met Oleg Mukhanov (CTO at Hypress) at the conference, showed him his draft business plan. “The next thing I was presenting to their Board and the rest is history,” says Matt.

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The programme was moved into SETsquared Bristol in July 2022.

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