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About FluoretiQ

FluoretiQ is addressing the steadily growing threat of antibiotic resistance with an easy-to-use diagnostic that is 200x faster than conventional microbiological testing.


FluoretiQ has developed NANOPLEX™ - a rapid diagnostic platform to identify and enumerate bacterial pathogens in less than 15 minutes. The applications are wide and varied from infectious disease diagnosis to food testing.


To date, the team has been focused on the first product from the NANOPLEX platform, codenamed P5. P5 is a fast and accurate diagnostic test which identifies more than 90% of bacterial species associated with uncomplicated Urinary Tract Infections (UTI).

Bacterial Diagnosis

Neciah Dorh,
Co-founder & CEO
QTEC Cohort 1 - 2016-2017

Why Deepbridge Capital Invested in FluoretiQ


“Deepbridge’s Life Science portfolio is focused on new and exciting technology that meet the needs of large and growing markets. We invested in FluoretiQ because Neciah presented us with a strong technology solution, for which he had a good grasp of the commercial opportunity and the drive to pursue it. I felt that their vision for the tech and business was something we could support.”

Savvas Neophytou, Partner

Deepbridge Capital

Neciah’s journey

Neciah Dorh completed his PhD at the University of Bristol and then started post-doctoral research into optical readout technologies for clinical biosensors.  The research focus was on quick detection of C-difficile in hospitals. “It was a great opportunity to apply my scientific knowledge to a real-world medical challenge,” says Neciah “but coming from an entrepreneurial family, I knew that I wanted to go beyond a career in research.”

“QTEC provided an opportunity to bridge my scientific career with a life-long calling,” says Neciah.  He joined the programme with a business idea to use a quantum-inspired fluorometer for real-time monitoring of bacteria in potable water supply which also had applications in healthcare. “One of the first major decisions was choosing the right application and market; that took spreadsheets, customer conversations and introspection.”  Through Andy Collins at QTEC, he was introduced to researchers at Bristol University who were “sticking” molecules to bacteria and searching for them using a microscope.  This chance encounter led to a long-term collaboration from which the first E.coli probe for NANOPLEX emerged.

At QTEC’s investor showcase, Neciah met Deepbridge Capital.  A combination of an Innovate UK grant and Deepbridge’s  investment provided the resources to build a prototype analyser to identify E.coli in urine. Neciah secured larger funding and the company now has 11 full- and part-time staff.

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 “QTEC gave me the

freedom to explore the commercial possibilities of my technology.  The programme funding also meant that I could focus all my attention on developing the business.”


Making Scientists Entrepreneurs 

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