QTEC is a world-leading incubator for innovators of quantum inspired and deep technologies. QTEC was formed in 2016 as an EPSRC skills and training hub and is part of the £270 million government invested UK National Quantum Technologies Programme.

QTEC offers twelve-month fellowships to provide academics with the skills they need to set up a successful technology start-up which will underpin the UK's quantum technology industry. 

Now in its fourth cohort, QTEC has supported the creation of 27 active companies based on technologies which underpin quantum industry.  



of Fellows move into their own businesses or high-level jobs in industry post-QTEC 


High Value Jobs created in alumni companies*


*inc. company


Raised by QTEC Companies in Equity, Grant and Revenue

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                "Without QTEC, I don’t                think I’d be in this role today…

The support system and the training I received throughout the year was instrumental in pushing me forward and helping me to go beyond my comfort zone - helping me to pursue my passion and my dreams." 


Since 2016, we have supported 41 individuals with the creation of new world-changing companies spanning multiple industries including Aerospace, Biotechnology, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas and Computing. 

Future-proof secure communications powered by quantum security on chip.


A digital quantum computing platform combining classical and quantum technologies.


A patented manufacturing process for making advanced carbon-fibre composites.

Harnessing the power of quantum effects to  address antimicrobial resistance.

Single Photon Components for the next generation of photonic quantum technologies


A compact, high-sensitivity, low-power Tuneable Diode Lidar gas detection system.

Making Scientists Entrepreneurs 

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