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Other Programmes

We have a range of other professional development programmes to support researchers to take the next step in their career or pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Launchpad is an intensive week long programme which seeks to foster an entrepreneurial spirit in MRes, PhD and early-stage PDRAs who are from a deep science and engineering background.


The overall objective is to inspire individuals to realise that commercialisation is a realistic alternative to continued research and there is a world beyond academia.


The course helps delegates gain clarification of their business propositions and gives them confidence to take their ideas forward.


Catalyst is aimed at helping PhD and early stage research scientists explore how their skill sets and ideas can be developed beyond direct research and publication. It was devised to challenge and address the perception that academia is the only way to promote and grow the outcomes arising from an individual’s research interests.

The workshop is designed with two main aims, to:

1. Show participants how they can grow their research ideas outside of academia and provide them with practical knowledge on how to accomplish this.

2. Introduce participants to the development of soft skills related to business and how they will be helpful in their studies and any future career they choose.

Become a future leader with the Learning to Lead programme that provides enhanced business skills training in communication, project management, line management and time management.

This programme is aimed at early career researchers and students who are looking to develop their leadership capabilities and create impact from their research.



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The Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre is an EPSRC funded Skills and Training Hub based out of the University of Bristol which is part of the UK's National Quantum Technology Programme and based out of:

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