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Unlock the Power of Your Research and Go From Benchtop to Business

Fundamentals is a self-paced online training programme designed to support researchers and students with the skills, training, and connections to become innovative business founders. The programme encompasses all key business fundamentals and supports founders to take their invention from cutting-edge innovation to investment ready business.


Our methods are simple - we minimise the barriers for those looking to build their business through access to high-level training around core business areas. All sessions are delivered by practitioners who have either developed and exited their own business or have a breadth of experience in supporting start-ups in their creation and growth.


Building an investable business requires a solid business plan that details the financial, technological, market, communication and recruitment strategy to realise a business idea.


Fundamentals is one of the only acceleration programmes to encompass all the topics needed to create scalable and sustainable business for deep-tech founders.

Parts 1 - 3

Entrepreneurship, Technology Roadmaps and Markets

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Parts 4 - 6

Business Models, Tactical Marketing and Communicating the Business

Parts 7 - 9

Reaching the Market and Turning a
Concept into a Product

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Part 10 - 12


Launching the Business

Entrepreneurs are leaders – their vision dictates the culture of a future company and the impact it has on society and they build a business within uncertain and complex systems.

The first three modules of the Fundamentals programme explores the journey into entrepreneurship and instils tools and techniques to adapt to the entrepreneurial lifestyle and how to create a vehicle to drive a technology to market.

Building an investable business requires a solid business plan that details the financial, technology, communication and recruitment strategy to realise a business idea.

The final parts of the Fundamentals programme teaches core business knowledge to develop an investable business plan and get the business ready for first investment.

With a vision for their future business in mind, founders will need to learn to communicate the value of their idea and how it will create real-world impact.

The next three modules, will explore what sets their business idea apart, the problem it is solving and how to use branding and marketing to sell both their idea and themselves.

The participants should now have a clear idea of what their business is, who their customer will be, the value of the technology and how to communicate this.

The next three modules, will explore how to realise their ideas by turning concept into product, how to reach first customers and explore ways to fund the development of their business.

Post Programme

After finishing the programme, the companies will be ready to seek their first tranche of funding and could look to apply for the next stage of business support through other accelerator programmes such as our sister programme SETsquared Bristol.

Survive and Thrive

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"Before I started at QTEC, I approached challenging situations more as a student, sometimes following advice blindly...QTEC taught me that in business, you have to think for yourself and hold yourself accountable to your actions.”




Frequently asked Questions


The Application Process


Do I need an idea?

Ideally, Yes.


Due to the length of our programme and our focus on business training, it helps if you have a technology or business idea before you join the programme.

However, if you don't have an idea then we recommend attending our other programmes as they may help you find a business idea you can take forward!


Do I need a team?

No - we accept applications from individuals or teams.


However, building a business is difficult and we recommend you don't do it alone. For this reason, we will help any individuals coming onto the programme find potential co-founders as we feel this gives your business the best chance of survival.


How can I find funding to come onto the  programme?

We have some fee scholarships available and are also working with applicants to help secure their funding.

Potential sources of funding include Impact Acceleration Awards from your host institution, commercialisation or impact funding from research grants or corporate or institutional sponsorship.

Please get in touch for more information.


Is the programme right for me?

The QTEC team has particular experience of supporting those who are more academically minded and are currently doing research in either Higher Education Institutions, Research Institutions and other Technology Companies.

If you want to find out if you're a good fit for the programme then contact us to set up a call. We'd be happy to discuss further.


Are there any fees?

Yes - there is a fee per team to cover attendance on the programme and we will work with you and your host institution to ensure these costs are covered.

QTEC is a not for profit entity and typically our programme fee is to cover the programme and centre costs only.


For more information about fees for the future contact us via email.


How do I apply?

Applications are made via our online Form:

If you're interested in finding out more about our programmes and how you can access them please register your interest using this application form.

Attending the Programme


Do I need to relocate?

No - the training is all online so you can do it from anywhere.

The core training is done through self-guided online training  to give you the flexibility of where you're based. We will also provide an online community so you can meet with other people on the programme as well as our team. 


However, Bristol is a great city to start a technology business, with a wealth of incubation and lab space for SMEs and a thriving investor community. So if you want to move to Bristol we'd be happy to help you with this.


What will I learn?

You will have access to the core knowledge needed to start a business through the videos and self-guided training. In addition, there are exercises which have been designed to support you in applying this theory into practical resources for your business.


As part of the online community, you will also get access to our team who will work with you on developing your idea and into an investor-ready business.


What happens to my IP?



Your IP will continue to be owned by whomever owned it when you start the programme. This will be either yourself or your University/Employer.


We strongly advise you speak to your Tech Transfer Office to find out who owns your IP so you can arrange the necessary license or spin-out deal before starting the programme. 


What if I fail to create a company?

During the programme you will gain invaluable expertise in business and leadership skills and this will equip you with many transferable skills for whatever you choose to do next.

Of our alumni founders, 98% have moved into their own business or into industry with only 2% returning to academia. Ultimately, we will work with you to help you figure out what to do next. 

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