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UK and France collaborate on Quantum Tech Showcase

The lead supporters of quantum innovation in the France and UK are joining forces to host a two-day event on the 5th and 6th May, showcasing the quantum programmes in the UK and France.

The event will begin with a series of plenary and panel sessions exploring the research and funding opportunities within both countries as well as introducing some of the most successful quantum companies to come out of their national programmes. It will then look at the pioneering investors who are currently investing into quantum technologies and go on to discuss how other investors can engage with this emerging technology in the future.

On day two, there will be an exhibition of 25 quantum businesses who are currently raising investment in UK and France. There will be five sessions throughout the day focusing on Quantum Communication, Quantum Hardware, Quantum Imaging, Quantum Sensing and Quantum Computing and Simulation. Each session will include 6-minute pitches from five companies, followed by Q&A with an investor panel before break-out sessions open allowing our audience to find out more.

You can register to attend this free event here:

Quantum companies are invited to apply to pitch at the showcase by submitting a 1-minute elevator pitch video about their business alongside an application form here:

For more information please go to the exhibition website at

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