UK / France Investor Showcase

Wednesday 5th - Thursday 6th May 2021

This webinar will look at the Quantum & Deep Technology Ecosystem in UK and France and culminate in a one day Investor Showcase of the best and brightest Quantum Companies.


Find out how you can get involved here.

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National Quantum Showcase

QTEC Panel: Experiences of Commercialising Quantum Tech

The Quantum Showcase in 2020 went virtual. As part of the event we hosted a panel with some of our alumni companies where we discussed their experiences of commercialising Quantum Tech. 

Watch the recording at the showcase website.

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What is Quantum?

In today’s world it seems anything new and interesting is marketed as being “Quantum” but what is Quantum Technology and how can it be used to improve your life?

Watch the recording of our webinar which had guest speakers from the quantum research and start-up community in Bristol.

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Quantum & Deep Tech in Bristol

This webinar looked at the Quantum & Deep Technology Ecosystem in #Bristol with talks from local start-ups and those in the entrepreneurial network.

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Making Scientists, Entrepreneurs 

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