The EPSRC-funded Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre (QTEC) currently based out of the University of Bristol, is now a world-leading incubator and skills and training hub to support the development of the next generation of UK-based quantum technology start-ups.


QTEC is currently a year-long fellowship programme where individuals, receive the necessary skills and support to create a start-up business around their technology. Over the Fellowship, they are expected to develop a business based on their technology with the objective of spinning out a funded entity at the end of the 12-months programme.


Our Fellowships have been specifically designed to support the commercialisation of new quantum and hard technologies which have been developed within Universities. 

Since 2016, QTEC has supported 41 indiviudals develop revolutionary technology businesses.



Our full-time, fully funded Fellowship offers 12 months of training, mentoring, salary and travel and consumables budget to up to 10 individuals per year.

The Fellowship is intensive but gives them the best opportunity to develop and get the necessary funding to launch their businesses.


Our part-time Fellowship is unfunded, but offers those already working in industry or academia access to our full training programme. Over the course of their Fellowship, these individuals are given the chance to learn how to develop their technology businesses at their own pace.

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“The QTEC programme

provides a clear structure and the team were very supportive, which really helped me as I was starting my company.”




The programme takes the Fellows down the path of commercialisation and gives them all of the skills they need to be the CEOs and CTOs of their own technology businesses.

Quarter 1

Technology Roadmaps, Markets, Customers and Business Models

Quarter 2

Tactical Marketing, Strategic Selling, Finance & Investor Readiness

Quarter 3

Raising Capital & Building the Business

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Quarter 4

Launching the Business

Entrepreneurs are leaders – their vision dictates the culture of a future company and the impact it has on society and they build a business within uncertain and complex systems.
The first quarter of the QTEC programme explores the journey into entrepreneurship and instils tools and techniques to adapt to the entrepreneurial lifestyle and how to create a vehicle to drive a technology to market.

Building an investable business requires a solid business plan that details the financial, technology, communication and recruitment strategy to realise a business idea.

The second quarter of the QTEC programme teaches core business knowledge to develop an investable business plan.

Businesses from deep-science generally need investment to develop the technology into a viable product and/or service to develop a sustainable business following the QTEC programme.
In quarter three, Fellows spend more time building their business through self-managed time – providing time to act on knowledge developed in Q1 and Q2 to create an investment ready business culminating in an investment pitch delivered at the annual, London based QTEC Investor Showcase.

The final quarter of the QTEC programme is self-managed for Fellows to focus on building a sustainable business to continue to drive forward following the programme.
Supported by the QTEC network, Fellows aim to obtain real commercial contracts, build a team and expand their network – putting into practice the taught modules from the year and work towards incorporating an investor funded business commercialising a quantum technology.


After finishing at QTEC, our Fellows will continue to grow their companies, but they won't be alone. QTEC still continues to offer guidance and ad hoc training to our alumni in order to help them scale and take their comapnies to the next level. 

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