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Taking scientists and engineers and turning them into

The EPSRC-funded Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre (QTEC), is a world-leading pre-incubator which supports the development of the next generation of UK-based quantum and deep technology start-ups.


QTEC works with STEM researchers to provide them with the necessary training, skills and support to create their own technology start-up business. Through our training programme, QUEST our founders are expected to develop a business based on their technology with the objective of spinning out a funded entity at the end of the programme.


Our Programmes have been specifically designed to support the commercialisation of new quantum and hard technologies which have been developed within Universities. 



Our core offering is our Fundamentals programme, a self-guided pre-incubator programme to train academically-minded individuals in how to develop businesses for early stage, seed investment. 
The founders receive core training, one to one mentoring  and monthly reviews and goal setting sessions from our entrepreneurs in residence to help track and manage their progress through the programme.


These entrepreneurial inspirational and ‘how to’ courses providing information, knowledge and networks to researchers that want to create a start-up. 

These sessions range from half day discovery sessions to introduce what entrepreneurship is and how new businesses are created, to a bootcamp to trial and prepare business ideas for the commercial environment.

06-28 - QTEC Launchpad - June 28, 2019 -
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09-19 - QTEC London Showcase - September

“The QTEC programme

provides a clear structure and the team were very supportive, which really helped me as I was starting my company.”


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The Quantum Technology Enterprise Centre is an EPSRC funded Skills and Training Hub based out of the University of Bristol which is part of the UK's National Quantum Technology Programme and based out of:

QTIC, 1 Cathedral Square, Trinity Street, College Green, Bristol BS1 5DD


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